Product Sourcing

Digital Exports is partners with Digital Imports, an American Company that manufactures custom made (OEM) products in China for our customers in the USA and other countries.

We have trusted, long-term relationships with dozens of Chinese factories specializing in nearly every sort of manufacturing process for plastic, metal, wood, polyresin, electronics and any combination thereof.  Our network of contacts runs deep, so we can quickly find and develop new relationships with new manufacturing partners when needed.

With your product design, however detailed or crude, we can develop your product, provide you a working prototype, manufacture, package, and deliver it to your warehouse anywhere in the world.  We will deliver your finished item "turn-key", so it is ready for you to put a label on the box and ship it to your customers.  Freight, customs clearance and delivery are all handled by us.

We know you have concerns about looking to China for manufacturing the products you need. You're concerned about quality, consistency, reliability and delivery. You also have your own, "product specific" concerns. We listen to you and explain clearly what can be done to protect your specific interests.  We have our own inspectors and factory in China who will quality control your product during production, according to your specifications.  Lab testing can also be done when needed.

Digital Exports was born of entrepreneurship in 2006.  During her MBA coursework at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, our president, Cassey Xu, was armed with several prototypes of ideas from engineering students also obtaining their Master and Doctorate degrees from Stanford. Ms. Xu was born to a poor family in rural China and was educated at some of the most prestigious schools in China, including Beijing No. 5 High School, Beijing University of Technology where she met her husband in school. She then moved on and obtained her Masters in Electrical Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and eventually her MBA from Stanford. After a few short years, her business expanded into helping others to develop and manufacture their own products in China and other countries in Asia.  The geometric growth of her long term, personal friendships and business relationships over the years has empowered Digital Exports like few others.

Our greatest strength is that we love what we do.  We enjoy getting involved with new product projects, and seeing them successful.  We'll always try our best to offer our objective advise and, hopefully, helpful suggestions whether it is regarding manufacturing, distribution, or marketing of your product.