3D PVC Molded

3D PVC Molded

Combine branding and creativity with a 3D custom shaped USB drive

Digital Imports is an experienced leader in 3D custom USB shapes. Our sales and graphic teams work with customers to create some of the most unique designs in the industry.

Marketing with a Custom 3D PVC USB flash drive sets you apart from a crowded field of competitors by continually drawing awareness to your logo and building the customer’s belief in your brand. Custom 3D USBs are perfect when you want to duplicate an object. A true 3D model is produced from your artwork, and, like the 2D PVC USB, is used to machine an aluminum mold for the custom USB drive. The properties of the 3D custom PVC drives are identical to the 2D shapes except that it is a true 3D model.

Standard turnaround time for a 3D custom PVC USB drive is 3.5 weeks. Ask your sales representative about expedited options. Also ask about our Rapid Prototyping service for custom 3D USB shapes. If you have a custom shaped USB drive in mind you can get a sample in your hand in as little as 24 hours.

The process is fast...all in a matter of weeks.

  • Start with a simple photo
  • Convert the image into a rendering
  • Create a computer-generated mockup
  • Produce a hand molded sample as a visual or physical proof
  • Deliver the Custom USB flash drives