2D PVC Molded

2D PVC Molded

Combine branding and creativity with a custom shaped USB drive

Custom USB flash drives have dropped significantly in price yet are still considered a high-end gift. Companies get the best value by investing in a custom 2D PVC USB flash drive. When you consider the impact that it makes on your customers and potential clients, it will pay for itself.

A common misconception is that custom drives are expensive but they are not. The only additional expense to that of purchasing USB flash drives is the cost to open a custom mold. Once the mold is open, it’s yours and you can reorder any time for the same price as most USB flash drives. Custom 2D PVC USBs are the most cost efficient way of producing a PVC USB drive and the fastest way to drive home the message about your products and services.

A model is first produced from your artwork and then used to machine an aluminum mold from which the custom PVC USB drives are made. The details in our custom 2D PVC USBs can either be extruded/recessed in the rubber in different colors or they can be pad printed in a single color logo. The finish of our custom 2D PVC USB drives is available in either a matte or shiny finish.

The process is fast...all in a matter of weeks.

  • Start with a simple photo
  • Convert the image into a rendering
  • Create a computer-generated mockup
  • Produce a hand molded sample as a visual or physical proof
  • Deliver the Custom USB flash drives