ABS Plastic Shapes

No Doubt "Push and Shove" Cube Custom USB

Some of the most interesting projects we’ve done have been created out of high-impact ABS Plastic. Although the initial mold charge is more costly, at high quantities, Custom ABS Plastic USB drives are cheaper than PVC.

Like our custom PVC USBs, a 3D model is produced from your artwork, which is used to manufacture mold halves for the production piece. The parts are then injection molded in a solid color before details are screen or pad printed onto the drive. The mold process for ABS Plastic drives gives you unmatched capabilities when it comes to detail. Another advantage of custom ABS USB drives is low volume weight. Due to the hollow nature of the ABS injection mold, the shipping weight of custom ABS USB drives is much lighter compared to PVC or Metal.

ABS Plastic USB drives offer a long life at a reasonable cost and may just be your solution to taking your drives from a thought to a reality. Call a Digital Imports sales representative today about design, pricing and delivery options on ABS Plastic USB Drives.

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